Wichita State fraternity to host “Dream Run” to raise funds for DACA students

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc., a Wichita State Multicultural Greek Council fraternity, has made on-going efforts to raise money and awareness for undocumented students.

In the fall, they held a breakfast burrito feed that raised $1,000. Every penny of the fundraiser went to the “DREAMER scholarship.”

The DREAMER scholarship was created to help raise funds for undocumented students who are ineligible to receive federal and state financial aid.

Although the burrito feed was successful, the fraternity members did not want to stop there. That’s when Sigma Lambda Beta joined forces with the Wichita State Student Organization of Social Work to bring the “Dream Run” to life.

The Dream Run is a two-mile run (yes, you can walk it) held at Wichita State University. The event is open to both the Wichita State community and the entire city of Wichita.

“The main goal of the event will be to celebrate these students, encourage their inspirations and make them feel like they are cared for,” Tony Ibarra, Sigma Lambda Beta President said.

The monetary goal for the event is to raise $3,500 to go towards the scholarships for the DACA students.

Ibarra believes that the Wichita State community as a whole should work to support other students, regardless of their background.

“It’s critical that attention be brought to the challenges these students face because it’s our civic and moral responsibility to ensure that every Shocker feels supported and cared for, regardless of any differences in any aspect of life,” Ibarra said.

Ibarra believes that doing a large-scale event for DACA students will not just raise money, but also awareness to the challenges that undocumented students face.

He hopes that the steps they are taking will send a message to DACA students that they have a support system to help them pursue a higher education, even against their odds.

“I hope that my actions and resilience communicate the message to others that anything is possible, even in the face of the adversity,” Ibarra said.  “Our assistance to these type of students will come in the form of financial aid, which is something that deters many of them away from pursuing higher education.”

The Dream Run will be on April 6th.

Click here to sign up for the Dream Run.




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